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Good Samaritans in Rwanda


Each international center has a US based Satellite office. GSM Tri-Cities is the satellite office that supports the centers in Rwanda, Africa.  


Because the Rwanda centers serve in the most poverty-stricken areas helping those who have little to no financial means, the Satellite meets monthly to pray for Rwanda, and sends a bi-monthly wire to aid in providing for their ministry needs. The Satellite also provides counselor training and education. 


The Satellite hosts a variety of fundraising events to aid the work in Rwanda. Check the events page for any upcoming fundraisers.


To find out more about the Satellite work, or to join in a monthly meeting, please contact the office. 

Rwanda Centers

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There are 7 centers in Rwanda, each with a unique focus of ministry including:


~ Carpentry School, Kacyiru Center - teaches men and women the carpentry trade allowing them to support themselves, the GSM center, and their families.

~ Sewing School, Kabeza Center - teaches women practical and life skills so they can earn a legal, safe income. It currently only operates when GSM Tri-Cities can provide support.

 ~ Preschools - Five of the centers run preschools allowing children, who cannot afford the state schools, the opportunity to learn.

~ Widows Group, Zindiro Center - supporting the widows of the community with food, friendship and, occasionally, financial support.

~ Agriculture, Gikoma and Kabarore Centers - In the Eastern province, where there is great poverty, food is grown to support families in the area. Pigs and other small livestock are raised for breeding and provision.

~ Hand Crafts, Karangazi and Rugarama Centers – Teaching hand crafts and soap making to impoverished women so that they have a means of supporting themselves safely and legally.



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