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Counselor Training

Our Counselor Training is a minimum 3 year program with growth work. There are 3 levels.


Level l Counselor Training is designed to develop the fundamental concepts, and skills of counseling and personal ministry. The first year of Counselor Training is open to all who are seeking to learn how to minister to individuals and groups. Within this first year, students are introduced to the work of Jesus Christ as the counselor. They will learn the ways Jesus demonstrated counseling concepts in His interactions with people, as well as learning what it means to be a “Samaritan”, or one who is willing to “pay the price” by giving of their own time, skills, and resources to help others in need.


Levels 2 and 3 focus on in-depth understanding of the counseling process, and specific topics. Classes will cover trauma and abuse recovery, marriage and family counseling, cultural and ethical standards, documentation and treatment planning, and continued Biblical training.

Upon completion students can become certified through Good Samaritan Ministries. (Note: this is different than state licensing.)

Classes are October to May one night a week.

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