GSM is an international ministry. We have National Directors in a least 26 countries around the world living life as Samaritans and ministering to their fellow countrymen.

To bridge the distance, and stay connected, GSM Headquarters routinely organizes continental trainings for all the International Directors and Leaders. In the past, these trainings are alternately hosted in Africa and in the US. Each international center also has a US based Satellite office so that centers can mutually support each other.

GSM Tri-Cities is the satellite office that supports the centers in Rwanda, Africa. As a team the Satellite stays in touch with the Rwanda GSM leaders, praying for them, providing education and financial support as available. Jeff Lyon, part of the team in the Tri-Cities, serves as the Satellite leader.

There are 5 centers in Rwanda, each with a unique focus of ministry. Some of the ministries include:

Carpentry School, Gisagara Center

Sewing School, Kabeza Center


Widows Group, Zindiro Center

Agriculture, Gikoma and Kabarore Centers