About GSM TC

Our Mission: To share relentless, unconditional Samaritan love with the world through counseling while inspiring others to "go and do likewise".

GSM-TC workers are well trained volunteers who serve under the GSM non-profit 501C3 ministry that is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

GSM-TC ministry training consists of 3 levels of intensive weekly local classes, regional conferences, and personal development. The heart of basic training is seeing ministry from Jesus’ point of view.

    • The first level of basic training is to help you connect to God’s life in you as the foundation for being a good Samaritan to others.

    • Training levels 2 and 3 are for training lay counselors.

Each level is offered from October through May each year.

GSM-TC group activities include classes and focused projects and ministries. The class topics include:

    • Recognizing and setting boundaries (McCloud’s materials).

    • Working through our coping and compulsive behaviors (the Genesis Process).

The special efforts include:

    • A local jail ministry

    • Supporting Rwanda nationals who provide grade-schooling, counseling, and vocational training.

We routinely look for fun ways to celebrate - and to thank God for – good things even when in the middle of hard situations. We do picnics, family-friendly group dancing and improv games.

Our services are available regardless of your income, religion, etc.

All of the funding for our ministry comes from donations by people like you, thank you!

Loving Your Neighbor...

Good Samaritan Ministries Tri-Cities (GSM-TC) focuses on Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit to provide you:

    • Lay counseling for you and your family

    • Training & support for your personal ministry

    • Training for you to be a GSM lay counselor

  • Support groups for your continued growth