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Making Counseling Normal...

posted Nov 10, 2015, 10:21 PM by Good Samaritan Ministries Tri-Cities, WA, US   [ updated Dec 30, 2015, 10:52 AM by John Hail ]
Who I am today is a direct result of Gods love and grace to me through Good Samaritan Ministries.

When my husband suggested that I go to counseling I thought I was "ok" and that counseling was for people who were much worse off then I was. The fact was that I was going though a lot of physical as well as emotional brokenness and I needed help. I had been dealing with physical ailments that caused me to allow fear to set in and cause my physical limitations to be even more limiting. I was also dealing with the recent loss of my father and heard a lot of people say "there is no wrong way to grieve". However, no one gave me any practical ways to grieve so I stuffed it and became even more sad.

As I hobbled my way into my counseling sessions for the first few months I was so weak and unable to face many fears. However, over time I grew. God's grace showed through my counselor like it was so specific, just for me. Each week and month I became stronger as I learned how to grieve, how to let go, how to be brave and take steps even though they were scary.

Today if you ask me what I think about counseling I would say it should be a requirement for every person to see a Christian counselor. I didn't realize that childhood events and life's challenges could have such an effect on people. I am so thankful for Good Samaritan Ministries and the people who lay down their lives to see broken people, like myself, be able to live again!