GSM Tri-Cities is the Rwanda Satellite Office, and as a team we stay in touch with the Rwanda GSM leaders, pray together, and support and participate in God's work in Rwanda. Jeff Lyon is now serving as the new Satellite Leader and is part of the team from the Tri-Cities.

GSM Headquarters planned a Continental Training to take place in Africa for all the International Directors and Leaders on the continent in October 2017.  Jeff attended this training, and also visited Rwanda while he was there. 

Jeff and the Rwanda team request your prayer and financial support  for this ministry of GSM Tri-Cities, and thank you for your help.



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Rwanda Center Director Pastor Moises Bukenya operates a sewing school and is purchasing a church there for ministry.
In this video he reports on the progress and needs of the ministries he oversees.
Rwanda Sewing School Participants

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Rwanda Carpentry School 1

My name is Nsengiyumva Jeanvier. I met Pastor Joseph without hope for the future. The sky looked dark for me but after narrating my story to him he comforted me as he convinced me that there is still hope and my future is bright. Although I had dropped out of the school, I was enrolled in carpentry school sponsored by GSM. When I graduated in 2018 I started earning money and am now able to take care of my family. I owe my gratitude first to God, Good Samaritan Ministry, and to Pastor Joseph who taught me the skill and for his unwavering counseling of life challenging issues. My life wouldn't have been transformed without GSM's support!(Edited for space considerations)

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Rwanda Carpentry School 2