Jail Ministry

Hello from the GSM Jail Ministry, 

I continue to visit the Benton County Jail and provide Bibles to anyone that asks. I visit Sunday mornings from 8 - 10 a.m., visiting 2 different PODS each week. We read scriptures and discuss what we read, personalizing our walk with God. Once each quarter I do a 6-week condensed Change Group meeting on the Genesis Process, a Christian counseling approach to help people understand why they do the things they don't want to do.
Your continued support in prayer, as well as your donations, are helpful to me as I continue in this ministry. Most of the people I visit are Christians. They are trying to understand their faith and realize they need to change. 

Jeff Lyon

Following is a short story of one man's opinion regarding the Bible he received:

I gave him a Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Study Bible, and the following week when I saw him again, he came into the door smiling. I could see his excitement. He sat down, and as soon as the door closed he blurted out, "This is the best Bible I have ever had!. I take one life principal, meditate on it and think of it all day. Then I pick a new one the next day and do the same. AND EACH DAY GOES BETTER than they ever have." He went on to explain how it changed the way he responded to others and how he felt about himself.

As is often the case, the men I see bless me so much of the time. Thank you for helping me to help these men. I can see the Holy Spirit working through this ministry each and every visit.