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Spring 2016

posted May 6, 2016, 1:56 PM by John Hail   [ updated May 6, 2016, 1:56 PM ]

Hello from the GSM Jail Ministry, 

First and foremost I want to thank those of you who intercede for me each Sunday. I know your prayers strengthen me and I thank you 
Jeff Lyon small picfor your faithfulness. I also appreciate hearing from those who pray for me, so if you are willing please let me know at (509) 366-7775.

The weekly visits continue and are always encouraging. In our visits we see men eager to discuss and understand their faith. All our guests are struggling to change and by offering a Bible and our time, our hope is that we plant a seed and offer hope for them when they get out. Sometimes we can connect after they are released.

A quick lesson on the PODs: 

Our Jail Ministry is focused on the “Lock Down” PODS. In the Lock Down” PODs there are usually 3 sets of cells, called “Tiers”, and only one tier is released at a time. This means there are not too many residents available to join us, but there always seems to be a few every week. Great opportunities for one-on-one and small group discussions. The Lock Down PODs usually have residents with more serious criminal charges and records. Therefore they need to be closely monitored, are more isolated from other residents, and have only a few hours out of their cells. 

In contrast to a “Lock Down” POD, there are Open PODs. These allow all of the POD residents to be grouped together with an “Open Bay” available. So these residents are all allowed to walk around the full POD during most of the day, all together. These PODs have a lot more people available at the same time, and groups tend to be a bit larger. We occasionally visit these PODs.

The open area of all PODs have about 100 feet X 100 feet of open floor space with tables, chairs, and walking areas. A POD can house approximately 30-80 residents at a time. 

Being in the Benton County Jail usually means that they will be released in less than a year, or they will be transferred to a Prison with a longer sentence after their trials are completed. 

Many thanks to you all who contribute to our Jail Ministry, I NEVER go in without some Bibles to give to people seeking to know our Lord and Savior. 

Jeff Lyon

December 2015

posted May 6, 2016, 1:36 PM by John Hail   [ updated May 6, 2016, 1:36 PM ]

From Jeff and Andre, 12-15-2015:

We have continued to visit the jail weekly, and are always blessed by our discussions of Scripture and fellowship with the men.  We have done a couple of Genesis Groups in the jail, covering the first 4 Process Steps.  There have been a couple of men who have contacted us or stopped by the GSM Office Open Genesis Men’s Group on Tuesday after they have been released.  

Last week I visited a POD, and the gentleman had a Bible that GSM had given to another individual.  He said that he really appreciated the ESV Study Bible in the jail, and it had helped him understand a lot of what he had been struggling with. He also said that our visits and these Bibles are really making a difference in the PODs. Not only do we encourage the men, but those who are encouraged by our visits and the Bibles, have taken on initiatives to form Bible studies with those who are not able to attend when we visit.  It was a very encouraging word for me to hear.

Jail News: Soon, the jail will be organizing a “Redirection POD” that will provide one POD that will focus on those who are wanting to improve themselves.  This POD will have a focused effort to help the residents with life skills, counseling and Spiritual support…maybe you can help??  Call GSM for more information. 

Anyway, we continue to provide bibles to those who request them, and we have an ongoing need for funds to continue to provide bibles to those in jail.  If you would like to donate, please indicate  your donations is for Jail Ministry.

Thank you.

P.S. - we recently had 2 GSM'ers attend the Benton County Jail Volunteer training (Angie and John). Please pray that they will hear and follow the Holy Spirit as they consider their next step.

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